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For Koreans and the humanity, we create the value of Korean Medicine that ‘we share.’
National Institute for Korean Medicine Development

Greetings. My name is Changhyun Jeong, and I am the Director of National Institute of the Korean Medicine Development (NIKOM). Welcome to our website.

NIKOM promotes the industry of Korean Medicine into a high value, new driving force for growth. We pursue innovative growth of the industry and R&D efforts for scientification and standardization, while expanding national health insurance coverage, improving the system of using Korean Medicine, promoting the culture of Korean Medicine, and making Korean Medicine more competitive in the world market. In this process, we create the value of Korean Medicine that ‘we share’ with the world.

NIKOM opens the future of the medical industries of Korea. Our NIKOM is standing at the center of the future of Korean Medicine. Since we understand the changing trends of the medicine of the world, always respond to such changes with agility. We do our best to promote the excellency of Korean Medicine and build the K-medicine industry that will lead the global pharmaceutical market.

NIKOM will communicate openly. The Korean Medicine of Korea serves Koreans. We will listen to the opinions of Koreans who desire the development of Korean Medicine industries. I hope this website can become the space where you can find the Korean Medicine information easily and communicate with others.

Thank you.
Changhyun Jeong, Director of the National Institute of Korean Medicine Development

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