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What is Korean Medicine?

About Korean Medicine

2021.02.17 40

The Korean Medicine is Korea's traditional medicine that is originated from Korea and developed through continuous exchange


A combination of traditional Korean and East Asian medicine from the Korean Peninsula.


The world is facing an increase in chronic diseases due to an aging population. As a result, the medical community is shifting from treatment to prevention, and the demand for preventative traditional medicine is also on the rise. Korean Medicine boasts centuries of history as a remedy for diseases and holistic care. However, there are not many specialists of traditional medicine overseas that are aware of Korean Medicine. For such reason, this newsletter will introduce the past, present, and future of Korean Medicine.


Korean Medicine, a branch of East Asian medicine, originates from the Korean Peninsula and Liadong China, suggesting that it has been passed down and developed in the two areas that were previously inhabited by the Korean people of today.


The contents and medicinal properties have been steadily developed through exchanges with countries of Chinese origin-the father of East Asian medicine-and further east, contributing to medical development in Japan.


Korean Medicine is mainly composed of pharmaceutical treatments based on the medical theory of the Three Treasures (Jing-Qi-Shen) and acupuncture based on Meridian Theory. Practitioners have also developed various natural treatment techniques such as meditation and qigong, massage, and bone setting. The long development of natural treatment techniques has also affected the food and life culture, evolving to meet both nutritional and health needs using medicinal foods. In fact, one of the important principles of Korean Medicine is to find a healthy lifestyle, and this paradigm has led to a centralized culture on efficient use of life energy, thereby contributing to the realization of the value of medicine in food, daily activities, and culture.